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The Sanu Security Training and Services is a well know organization of Nepal, which located at the bank of Narayani River Chitwan, as devoted to encourage young generation to contribute their service for the nation by providing excellent security services to the client / organization. However we are trying to train trend the vest effort of security training to the trainees so that they able to tackle with multiple security issues arise in routine operation, and also compile by ISMS (International Security Management System)

The Company:

Sanu Security is a logistically simple, technologically advanced Security Company that starts giving services since 2013 to our valuable clients in a consummate and professionalism manner. Using state of the art military and industry practices, our skilled, tested and proven professionals provide clients with tailor-made, cost effective solutions that ensure both safety and security in every environment.

The Name:

The Sanu Company named in the sense to respect by all, because in Nepali language which means lovely one we used this word in very respectful manner. At the same way like to keep constantly in service also around the world on the tough of every Maritime Security Companies.

The Mission:

Our mission is to provide professional maritime security to the Company that exceed best industry practices and leave every client desiring to maintain a long-term relationship with us.

The People:

The founders of Sanu Security Company forged their leadership and business acumen on the biggest stages at the highest stakes; their operational expertise established while serving in the elite ranks (SSO) on international Cruise line United State of America. The team members are more distinguished, wise and educated Advisory Board cannot be found anywhere in the security industry.




  • Never compromise on the quality and safety of our superior services
  • Protect and serve our clients with dedication and discernment
  • Foster a company atmosphere that promotes team camaraderie, loyalty, and dedication to craft


Voice of Chairman:

Sanu Security Training & Services and Sanu Education Consultancy is the pioneer of Education and Security Training Institute, emerge to demonstrate the quality education, Training, placement and comprehensive counseling in an effective manner, whereas most of our potential students were vandalized the mystify situation about their future plans. Sanu Education Consultancy and Sanu Security Training team has flourished the modern concept of presenting in an easy way of understanding and make liable for abroad study as well as build career in international Security field.


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